Is Skin Removal Surgery Necessary After Getting the Lap-Band?

Is Skin Removal Surgery Necessary After Getting the Lap-Band?

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One of the biggest concerns for our Lap-Band® patients is whether or not they will need skin removal surgery in the future. After drastic weight loss, excess skin can remain. Excess skin after weight loss doesn’t happen to everyone. The type of bariatric weight-loss surgery you choose, your exercise routine, nutrition, and many other factors play a part. The Lap-Band System can help avoid the need for cosmetic skin removal surgery.

Factors that Influence Your Skin

Weight loss affects our bodies in several ways. You’ll notice things like your clothes feeling looser, energy levels feeling higher, and maybe even some excess skin around the areas where your body stores fat.

Excess skin can be troublesome for some people—it can lower your confidence and cause interference in exercise and regular mobility. Not everyone will need cosmetic surgery after bariatric surgery. Some people have skin that is more likely to return to its original shape depending on such factors as their age, diet, and overall skin health. The pace of your weight loss is the largest controllable factor in developing excess skin.

How the Lap-Band Helps

Loose skin happens with other bariatric surgeries because a large amount of weight is lost over a very brief period. The Lap-Band procedure is designed to be a gradual yet steady method for weight loss. The Lap-Band utilizes a fully adjustable band to make losing weight more gradual and sustainable, resulting in an easier transition for your skin.

Working with Lap-Band of Louisville

Your team at Lap-Band of Louisville is here to help answer your questions or concerns before, during, and after your Lap-Band procedure. Contact us to take the first step when you’re ready to get started on your weight-loss journey.

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