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LAP-BAND® System Weight Loss Procedure

The Lap-Band® System Procedure: How It Works

lapband_illustrationBy creating a smaller gastric pouch, the Lap-Band® System limits the amount of food that the stomach will hold at any time. The inflatable ring controls the flow of food from this smaller pouch to the rest of the digestive tract. The patient will feel comfortably full with a small amount of food. And because of the slow emptying, the patient will continue to feel full for several hours reducing the urge to eat between meals.

The demand for Lap-Band® System Surgery has been growing steadily since it’s approval by the FDA in June 2001. It has been proven to be safer and as effective as other more invasive bariatric procedures, with over 250,000 Lap-Band® System surgeries performed worldwide, it’s a proven safe viable alternative offering excellent weight loss results.

The Bariatric Program at U of L Health, Mary & Elizabeth Hospital

U of L Health, Mary & Elizabeth Hospital and Louisville Surgical Associates have developed the only program in the area designed exclusively for the care and management of the Lap-Band® System patient.

The Bariatric Program at U of L Health, Mary & Elizabeth Hospital includes:

  • A multidisciplinary team committed to providing the highest level of care at every phase of the program. Team members include Surgeons, Bariatric Coordinators, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologists and access to psychological services.
  • All preoperative testing completed in one day.
  • Designated nursing unit to care for Lap-Band® System patients postoperatively
  • Access to postoperative follow-up with coordinators, dietician and exercise physiologists
  • Bi-Monthly web based support groups.

Advantages of the Lap-Band® System

  • Safest weight loss operation
  • Less invasive
  • Adjustable
  • Reversible
  • Complications are fewer and less severe
  • Vitamin needs are simple and vitamin deficiencies are rare
  • Avoids severe osteoporosis from calcium deficiency
  • Avoids unhealthy muscle wasting from protein deficiency
  • No “dumping syndrome”
  • No stretched out pouch causing weight regain
  • Can be adjusted during pregnancy for adequate calories and vitamins
  • Weight loss is healthier, slower and less likely to cause gallbladder problems
  • Less expensive if you have to pay for your operation
  • Outpatient in most cases
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  • LAP-BAND® Financing

    Louisville Surgical Bariatric Associates offers financing through Amercan HealthCare Lending. With American HealthCare Lending you can obtain a loan up to $100,000 that has:

    • Term options out to 84 months
    • No prepayment penalties
    • No collateral required