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Debbie Wedding, Amber Sims, Kira Cauley, Teri Gardner



Amber Sims


Debbie Wedding


Teri Gardner

Amber Sims, RN, MSN and Debbie Wedding RN, BSN are the coordinators of the Bariatric Program at Sts. Mary and Elizabeth. They have 25 and 13 years of nursing experience respectively. Amber has pre-operative and post-surgical nursing experience as well as administrative experience for Sts. Mary’s and Elizabeth’s Surgical Services. Debbie has experience as an operating room nurse here at Sts. Mary’s and Elizabeth’s Hospital. Their role is to assist patients through the program, beginning with the informational seminar. They provide assistance with the insurance approval process, coordinate scheduling for preoperative assessments/evaluations, preoperative testing, surgery scheduling and also work with the surgeon’s office staff in scheduling preoperative office visits. Amber and Debbie also educate patients both pre- and postoperatively and conduct monthly support group meetings.


Dietician/Nutrition Counseling

Kira Cauley, RDN, LDN is the dietitian for the Bariatric Program. Kira has been a dietitian for five years and is a firm believer in practicing what you preach. She is passionate about helping our LAP-BAND patients develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that provides optimal weight loss results. Kira meets with LAP-BAND® System patients preoperatively to educate them on their pre- and post-operative diets. She also conducts dietary evaluations as required by some insurance companies. Post-operatively, Kira continues to be available for any additional guidance that patients may require.


Bilingual Patient Care Navigator

Paola Mott is a Bilingual Patient Care Navigator for Kentucky One Health, Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital. She has been a nurse for six years and has a passion for helping others. She is a graduate of Galen College and has worked for numerous providers in both Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. A native of the Dominican Republic, Paola speaks Spanish as her first language and earned a certificate as a medical interpreter from Catholic Charities. She is fluent in spoken and written Spanish and English and has a passion for advocating for the Hispanic community.

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