The Best Apps for Your Weight-Loss Journey
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The Best Apps for Your Weight-Loss Journey

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Our phones are with us almost 24/7—why not turn them into a bariatric weight-loss buddy? Successfully losing and keeping off weight doesn’t require assistance from apps, but they can be an extremely useful tool. In addition to tracking factors like food intake, hydration, and exercise, some apps offer motivational tips to keep you inspired and can even connect you to online support groups.

Weight-loss apps are a great way to keep yourself accountable and view your progress throughout your journey. Below are three of our tops picks for apps that can assist you in losing weight, as well as the main features they offer.


Baritastic is often advertised as the “number one app for bariatric patients,” and it’s easy to see why. While Baritastic provides nutrition, hydration, and exercise tracking, the features don’t stop there. The app offers a happiness tracker, a bite timer to encourage mindful eating, a library of bariatric-friendly recipes, daily reminders for supplements or medications, and more.

One of its most useful features for daily weight-loss motivation is the photo timeline, which allows you to visually track your progress. In addition, Baritastic allows you to connect to your specific bariatric program, giving you access to dietary advice, motivational success stories, and doctor support, all at the touch of your screen. Even better? It’s totally free.


Water is an essential part of weight loss—especially after bariatric surgery, getting enough fluids at the right time is vital to long-term success. The Waterlogged app is an extremely simple way to track your water intake and ensure you’re getting the proper amount. Customize your hydration goals, view long-term progress, and set reminders to keep you sipping. While the base app is free, there is a paid Premium version that gives access to additional features, like Fitbit integration.


Similar to Baritastic, the MyFitnessPal app allows you to track your exercise and food intake. It offers a massive database of food with nutritional information, and the app takes note of your frequently eaten meals, so recording them is that much easier. Your weight-loss profile can be personalized to set different goals, calorie needs, and diet regulations. Educate yourself on proper nutrition with in-app resources and connect with a community of like-minded individuals to get advice through the app’s forum function.

MyFitnessPal’s free version grants access to the calorie counter, exercise tracker, and weight tracker, as well as a few other features. It offers monthly and yearly subscriptions to their Premium membership, which opens access to other features on the app.

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