How Do I Know If Bariatric Surgery Is Right for Me?
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How Do I Know If Bariatric Surgery Is Right for Me?

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For those looking to lose weight, there are many options available. Though bariatric surgery is one of the most effective solutions, it may be challenging to know if this treatment is the best choice for you. Use the following criteria to help you decide if the Lap-Band® is right for you.

You Have Weight and Health Concerns

One of the frequently asked questions about bariatric surgery is, “Am I a candidate for the Lap-Band Program?” The earliest signs that a gastric band may benefit you are weight and health concerns. Because weight is relative to many factors, professionals rely on BMI instead. Bariatric surgery may be a great weight-loss tool for those with a BMI higher than 40—or a BMI of 30-40 with comorbidities.

You may also have weight-related health concerns that you want to address. Many patients seeking the Lap-Band hope to ease or, in some cases, reverse the effects of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, or osteoarthritis. 

You’ve Explored Other Options

Another way to know if the gastric band is right for you is if you’ve explored other ways to lose weight. If you’ve worked with a professional in the past and failed to see positive changes, the Lap-Band Program may be the next step in your weight-loss journey. Even with help from their doctor, some people don’t see the improvements they need to promote a healthy life. For these people, fully adjustable gastric banding may be a practical weight-loss solution.

Your Doctor Recommends the Lap-Band

Regardless of the other signs, one of the easiest ways to tell if bariatric surgery is right for you is by seeking a medical opinion. Your doctor can recommend the best weight-loss methods that they believe are best for you. They can tell you everything you need to know about the Lap-Band Program.

The Lap-Band is a gastric band placed around the stomach. Adjustable gastric banding lessens the amount of food you can intake, thereby promoting long-term, sustainable weight loss. The Lap-Band is placed via minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, after which patients participate in a program that helps establish healthy diet and exercise habits. Register for our free online seminar for more information about bariatric surgery and the Lap-Band.

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