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Ham and Cheese Egg Muffins

31 August, 2017
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Ham and cheese egg muffins are the ideal, protein-packed breakfast that can be made ahead and quickly reheated on busy workday mornings.

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Eric C.

21 November, 2014
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My experience at Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital was much more than I expected. From the first moment I met the staff, they were much more than just caregivers.

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Mary M.

21 November, 2014
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Mary M. Before: 04/29/2005 Mary M. After: 11/05/2007 I’M SO HAPPY! There were times in life that I sincerely doubted I would EVER feel that way. Mentally and physically, my struggle with weight loss was a battle I thought I would lose. With the Lap-Band surgery, I came out the winner! I had surgery on [...] Read More

Sherry M.

21 November, 2014
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Sherry M. Before: 08/18/2006 Sherry M. After: 01/14/2008 What an incredible journey! A mere 18 months ago I was a walking time bomb with my health. I was morbidly obese. My body couldn’t continue to take the abuse of the burdens my weight put on it. I was also ashamed and embarrassed to usually be [...] Read More

LaToya J.

21 November, 2014
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LaToya J. Before: 07/22/2005 LaToya J. After: 03/05/2007 Prior to having Lap-Band surgery, I weighed about 294 pounds and wore a size 24. I now weigh about 187 and wear a size 10 or 12. I am NOT ashamed to mention my weight or size anymore. It feels great to be able to shop in [...] Read More

Linda M.

21 November, 2014
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Linda M. Before: 03/05/2004 Linda M. After: 01/17/2008 Hello, my name is Linda and March 17, 2003 was St. Patrick’s Day and that was a very lucky day. That morning Dr. Lusco performed the Lap-Band procedure on me, which changed my life for the better. For the past 40 years I have been very overweight, [...] Read More


21 November, 2014
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Bottom line-losing weight is never easy but with the help of the LAP-BAND® System it can work for you. It can help you have a healthier life. I love what it has done for me!

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